Cy Dethan Tells a Tall Tail

As we’ve previously mentioned, a few of Wailing Heights‘ local residents get their own comic origins within the game, and we’ve reached out to comic writer Cy Dethan to tell one particular tail tale.

Cy had this to say:




“Wailing Heights was a real joy to write for, not least because I got to work on the backstory to lecherous lycanthrope Abnorm. I’ve met some incredibly passionate creators in comics. The drive and enthusiasm in the people I’ve worked with – from long-term collaborator Stephen Downey to incredibly talented new friend Ruairí Coleman – is endlessly inspiring to me.”





Cy’s has lent his sharp dialogue to established properties such as Starship Troopers, and is co-creator of many original comicbooks, including the indie hit, Cancertown. 

Cy has drafted a terrific tale for our womanising wolf, which is a joy to read. Check back on Thursday, where we’ll have a preview and introduction to the art team.

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